Sleep Alive Music Video – Shot on Two Canon 5dmk2 DSLRs with a One Man Crew (updated w BTS!)

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Friend of planet5D, Tom Guilmette just posted an awesome new music video that he shot all by himself with 2 Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) cameras in just a few hours. There has been a lot of discussion about how the Canon HDSLRs are reducing the size of crews needed to make a movie or a music video and this example just shows how easy it is – one guy shot this (and another guy, Torey Champagne, did the editing)! And, if you read Tom's blog post, you'll find out an amazing thing about the ISO he used to shoot this! It was HIGH

UPDATE: We'll be having Tom Guilmette on a planet5D LIVE INTERVIEW in a couple of weeks – keep your eyes peeled! Plus, a new behind the scenes video released:

Redrock Micro

Sleep Alive – Lights, Camera, Action music video

Video Directed, Produced, and Edited by Torey Champagne (
Director of Photography – Tom Guilmette (

Tom has some good info on his blog post – please read it! But here's a little clip:

“I shot this video alone. No crew. I used available light in the restaurant and used Kino Flows and Arris in the old theater. I had a dolly and short jib. I also used a Glidecam 4000 Pro for the tracking shots. I shot with the Canon 5dmk2s in 1080p 24fps.”

(Photo credit: snap from the video)



    1. Author

      Well, everyone has their own taste in music. I thought it was ok – not my type of music. But I did think the video and the ability to pull it off with just one camera guy and an editor was worth the mention!

  1. Seriously guys, I know its one thing showing 5d shoots but lets not just show whatever is out there. Im a Producer and used the 5d on a few shoots, its a great camera but this really gives it no points whatsoever. This was just very amateur and some guy who is trying to get his one music video seen by atleast one more person besides him.

    1. Author

      Well – I’m tempted not to even reply since you didn’t have the courage to show off your stuff or post your correct email address.

      Tom is indeed a talented camera man and I see lots of skill in this video. Especially since it was shot in extreme conditions and with only one camera man.

      Let’s see what you’ve done instead of hiding behind anonymity!

  2. My point was, is that you guys started something great “Planet 5d” and I get the newsletters all the time and am very excited to see what people are doing with the 5d’s. But there comes a time when just showing whatever 5d stuff is out there is getting off the point the true capability of the camera and what its viewers want to see.

    One day im sure we will meet ;)

    1. Author

      Still not willing to show off your stuff eh?

      I beg to differ with your opinion on this video – just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth showing. I go thru a LOT of videos and material that comes my way. Your opinion differs from mine and I thought this was very well done and worth showing. I respect Tom’s work and he’s doing some good stuff with the 5D2.

      Next comment you post, I’ll expect to see your work so we can see what you produce or I’m deleting it.

      I appreciate your input, but don’t hide behind anonymity please!

  3. I liked the video. It’s better than 90% of the videos I’ve seen shot with the Mark II. To pull that off all by himself is really amazing and shows the change that is happening in the industry. Give’s me inspiration. Only thing I didn’t like so much was the orange cc of the band playing, but that’s just a personal taste. Thanks Tom and Thanks Mitch for posting. I feel it was appropriate.

  4. This is freakn awesome and ill tell you from MY point of view why,
    no1.-Great song!
    no2-This camera is now within the reach of talented people who can now express there talent without going broke and getting bands seen in good light.

    No.3. This forum,the availability of the likes of Mr Bloom etc.

    I also are a one man band most of the time though i do like working with a team,this is purely financial.
    I think we are now spoiled with the technology within our grasp,i cant afford the best lights etc but the 5Dmk2 allows me to use available light,dont get me wrong,i still abide by the basic rules,but you work with what you have,we all want Kinos ,Zacuto products ,the best lenses,but lets just remember that Man Ray never had any of this and look at what he achieved with the camera he had…this is just an opinion!
    Its good you put up the opinions of every one as its just that,an opinion seen thru the filters of other artists…though i totally disagree with Mr WHAT!!!

  5. Well, aesthetic and music judgments aside, I feel that rolling shutter was a big problem in this video – somewhat compensated by the quick editing.

    Still, kudos to the one-man crew.

  6. Video looks great!

    I am not a fan of the song but that is what mute is for :)

    Once again i liked the video, especially the end.


    i really want to see “WHAT!!” videos ;)

  7. Awesome!! This video rocks; camera work, editing …. all looks great!! ………..Love the music as well.

    Being that the 5d2 is not the easiest camera to do a video shoot with; Mr. Tom……you did a superb job!! Thank you for sharing.

    @ WHAT …. Please show us some of your “better than this” stuff. Seriously, I …. as well as others here …. would really like to see your work.

  8. Great video.. I’d like to know which type of effect is the last one.. when the singer seems to materialize from a strange kind of green light..
    Green screen and any type of effect?

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