New on the planet5D Calendar: interview with Richard Crook from Crooked Path Films – Sunday at 9 EDT

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We've got a guy that you're going to want to listen to this week – Richard Crook from Crooked Path Films. Not exactly a household name (yet), but he's quite knowledgeable about many aspects of filmmaking and camera work. We've added Richard to our planet5D Event Calendar.

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planet5D live chat with Richard Crook

Sunday June 27th, 9PM EDT

Richard and I (and you!) will be chatting on the planet5D Live! page starting at 9pm EDT. And on UStream, you too can join in and ask questions in the chat window. We figured out how to open up the chat room so you don't have to register – so please come by to chat!

Ok, so just who is this Richard Crook? Well, in his words: “I'm a cinematographer and editor primarily, I do steadicam and post color grading sometimes too. I also run a production company called Crooked Path Films and am author of the popular “Idiot's Guide to 5dMkII Cinematography“.”

I've seen Richard's work a couple of times already and just this week, I met him on the set of Moon Ring – the full length feature being shot this week with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs in Arkansas. And I got to watch him demonstrate his craft when he was called in to perform a steadicam shot for one of the final scenes for the movie.

Richard recently excelled on the movie called “The Key” – where Richard was not only the Cinematographer, but the Editor and Co-Producer as well! Here's the trailer:

“The Key” Official Trailer from Crooked Path Films on Vimeo.

Official trailer for Jim Blumetti's “The Key.”

Adapted from a story by Gabrielle Blumetti.

Cinematography and Editing by Richard Allen Crook and co-produced by Crooked Path Films.

Produced by 410 Garfield Films and Directed by Jim Blumetti.

So, please join us on Sunday for the show!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)



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