LetusDirect.com announces release of Talon and Hawk line of DSLR camera accessories

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We'd like to welcome a new sponsor LetusDirect to planet5D and to let you know of their new line of DSLR accessories, which includes some new rigs and other accessories.

Redrock Micro

Here's part of their recent press release (read the whole thing)
Wichita, KS (PRWEB) May 27, 2010 — LetusDirect.com introduces products for the DSLR video market. The Letus Hawk carbon fiber LCD viewfinder and Letus Talon camera support rod systems are the core of the product line.

Letus Talon DSLR Support Rod Systems
The Hawk viewfinder is 100% custom designed and manufactured by Letus. It features three lenses in two groups adjustable from from +1.5 to -2.5 to accommodate near and far sighted users. The Hawk's optics are fully coated to ensure the best color fidelity while eliminating issues with fogging. The lenses are housed in a CNC machined aluminum lens tube. The shroud that attaches to the DSLR LCD screen is built with carbon fiber. The carbon fiber housing has a proprietary anti-glare internal coating and is designed to stand up to the rigors of a HDSLR production environment.

LetusDirect DLSR Talon line of rigs

The Letus Hawk attaches to a DSLR without any modifications to the camera. It is fully adjustable for compatibility with a broad range of current and future DSLR cameras. To further enhance the usability of the Hawk viewfinder, Letus offers a full range of Talon support rod systems specifically designed for HDSLR cameras from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, and others.

Here's their DSLR cage for example (from the PR)

“The Letus Talon DSLR Cage has also been announced as part of the new product line. This cage is designed to house a HDSLR camera and provide mounting points for camera accessories such as monitors, microphones, sound recorders, hand grips, car mounts, and other products used in a production environment. The DSLR Cage features a sliding and removable top bridge, a releasable camera plate, interchangeable side supports for different camera heights, and a port on the bottom for easy camera battery access. It is designed as a modular system that can be configured for many different needs. ”

Please give their site a visit to see what else LetusDirect has available and we welcome them to the planet5D family!

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