Kylie Minogue’s new Canon HDSLR “All the Lovers” music video

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@saracollaton sent us this one… Kylie Minogue's new music video was directed and shot by @JosephKahn (website) with Canon HDSLRs. I haven't found many details yet other than the photo below from which shows them using what appears to be Canon HDSLRs but we don't know which ones (tho we can guess that they used the Canon EOS 7D (reviews) due to some of the slow motion).

Redrock Micro

Note: the video was on youtube and was pulled – so I suspect that it will be pulled from this source soon as well.

The music video is a bit on the steamy side with lots of folks in their underarmor so it may not be safe for work environments

(Photo credit: snap from the video)



  1. They used 5d’s and 7d’s. And redrock eye spy deluxe rigs. pretty amazing for such a big budget music video. looks crisp.

    1. Author

      yes, geez, I typed that without thinking and I guess I’ve always thought carolton in my head. Thanks for noticing – I have corrected Sara’s name – SORRY Sara!

  2. I do like the song – and the concept of the video. It would be great to get a behind the scenes look.

    The thing with the shotgun microphone in the upper right of the image on this blog does not resemble any Canon DSLR that I have ever seen though. More like a Sony FX7 or NX5.

    The video at the directors website is better quality than the youtube version, and better audio quality as well.

    1. The camera with the shotgun in the upper right is a Sony PMW-EX1.

  3. The thing that I hate about the “DSLR Revolution” (apart from that name – ugh) is that there are so many shots used that are out of focus. Come on. Gear is cheap, that doesn’t mean quality has to go down. Do it right, not so it looks like a big-budget video done poorly.


  4. They didn’t push the 5d too much, it’s a cheap looking video.

  5. It looked cheap because the light,or lack of it was flat. It’s also harder to focus these cameras in daylight. Most of the shots weren’t really staged and looked random as there were large groups to pick and choose from. I think super 8 would have given a neat home movie look to some of it and added lots of saturation,but that’s just me.I mean how much rehearsal was needed out side of Kylie’s. This would be a tough one for Madonna to outdo. I hope they recycled all that wood…lol.

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