Discovery HD Theater series “Lightscapes” first episode is 55% Canon EOS 5D Mark II timelapse

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On June 21st, Discovery HD Theater will present the first episode of its new series called “Lighscapes” and 55% of this episode will be timelapses that were filmed on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews). From the site: “Lightscapes is an episodic, half-hour experiential television series airing on Discovery HD Theater that captures famous buildings and landscapes around the world as they are transformed by stunning, large-scale lighting displays.”

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Captured in stunning 4K HD with both real-time and time-lapse cinematography, the unique Lightscapes visuals are accompanied by an instrumental soundtrack, drawing inspiration from the highly acclaimed feature film Baraka and the HD Theater television series, Sunrise Earth.

The first episode was filmed at Japan's most sacred Shinto site, The Grand Ise Shrine, on November 3rd, as part of re-dedication ceremonies for Uji Bridge (rebuilt in 20 years cycles, starting 1,300 years ago), which coincided with “Bunka no hi”, the holiday that celebrates Culture & the Arts.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II shooting a timelapse

We've been chatting with Director and co-creator Peter H. Chang who told us they're using some pretty cool equipment and are planning on visiting several really awesome places for the coming shows. Peter captured all of the timelapse sequences for the first episode with advice from our friend Tom Lowe (@timescapes).

Peter says, “Lightscapes is a unique television experience that seeks to capture not only the spirit of a place, but also the elemental intersection of humans and nature, art and technology, architecture and cinematography. In this first episode, Akira Hasegawa shines his transformative light on a mystical shrine to create a sublimely kaleidoscopic and meditative ‘lightscape.'”

“The first episode consists of 55% timelapse photography – a first for network television – shot on the Canon 5D Mark II. We're assembling a team of the world's top timelapse photographers and cinematographers for future episodes, all who are interested in exploring the filmmaking frontier with HDDSLR's. We will be shooting at some very exciting locations throughout Europe, America, and Asia.”


LIGHTSCAPES Episode 1: Grand Ise Shrine trailer from Peter H. Chang on Vimeo.

LIGHTSCAPES premieres Monday, June 21 on Discovery HD Theater at 7:30 AM ET/PT.

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