Capturing a race across america on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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A couple of days ago, I found Jesse Oxford's blog post about his account of using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) to capture a long long bike race! “It was as much of a test for me, the filmmaker, as it was for the bicyclists themselves. As a team of eight riders from Durham North Carolina raced their bicycles non-stop from San-Diego, CA to Annapolis, MD in 7 days, I was to shoot and edit 7 three-minute videos (one each day of the race) with a laptop, a Canon 5D Mk II, and an assistant/driver.” Sounds like a tough job! Please read Jesse's blog.

Redrock Micro

“The Race Across America is 50% longer than the Tour du France. For me, this meant shooting a non-stop/no-retake event that traveled over 400 miles per day, varying landscapes from 10,000 ft altitudes to the burning heat of the desert within 24 hours of each other, editing in the back of a Jeep, uploading from McDonald’s AT&T Hotspots as we passed them, and sleeping whenever I could… doing this everyday for 7 days straight and finishing with a project that I was proud of. Initially, I was excited by the project, but knew this was new ground for me and that I would need to plan for the worst but hope for the best.

When I wasn’t interviewing, I had 2 shooting set-ups. The first was to drive ahead of the current rider, scouting scenic locations to set-up the tripod and “get the shot” roadside. I tried to vary these to include landscapes that depicted the current geography, shots of the passing rider, and close-ups of natural beauty. My Zacuto Z-finder Pro 2.5x (reviews) was indispensable for this. Their anti-fog diopter totally lived up to its repuation, even on Day 3 where I began the day shooting the buttes of Monument Park, Utah and wrapped at 10,000 ft in the snowcovered peaks of the Colorado Rockies. Well done Zacutos!”

Please read a BUNCH more of this account and several more videos over on Jesse's blog.

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  1. FYI – at around 2:50 in the above video. The blue house in the background is the house featured in the movie TOP GUN. Random tid-bit.

    My favorite video fo the project (with arguably) some of the best shots is video #7 (the Finish). Check it out on my site….

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