Canon EXPO 2010 in New York

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Canon today officially announced their “Canon EXPO 2010” which will be happening September 1-3 in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City. Here's the site for more info.

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Imaging is all around you – in your life and work. Now you can experience the new possibilities of imaging at Canon EXPO 2010 New York. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to see our latest products and solutions in real-world scenarios. Discover the power of Cross-Media Imaging. And share the excitement of our innovative imaging technologies.

Be part of this grand celebration of imaging
No matter what your industry or application, our imaging products and technologies play a critical role. Now you’ll have the chance to see how we extend the language of imaging across so many areas.

At Canon EXPO 2010, you will:
Discover great new Canon products and technologies
Learn about solutions, best practices and techniques that will enhance your knowledge and expand your capabilities
Get recommendations and answers from industry experts and choose from a wide range of insightful seminars relevant to you
Experience Canon’s vision of the future of imaging, including Canon technologies that can have a profound effect on your life and work

Canon EXPO 2010 highlights all areas where imaging plays a critical role, including:

  • Consumer and Home Office
  • Office Equipment
  • Print Production and Graphic Arts
  • Photography, Video and Projection
  • Broadcast and Communications
  • Healthcare Technologies
  • Security Solutions

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  1. Um, WHEN is this Canon Expo 2010? And is there a link to the official site?

    1. Author

      Good golly! I’m sorry – I guess I was asleep at the wheel when I was working on this post. I’ve updated it with the date and the site.

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