Canon EOS 5D Mark II ISO 3200 still image makes cover of a magazine

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In the not so huge information category goes this post – tho interesting to me none the less… a Canon EOS 5D Mark II image shot at ISO makes the cover of a magazine. I've sold a good number of photos thru places like and shutterstock (you can learn more about how you can sell photos or video online too at my article over on the planet5D wiki) and they are always recommending you take your photos at ISO 100 so that there's virtually no noise. And they're incredibly stinky about any photo having any noise at all – so a photo shot at ISO 3200 making a cover of a magazine is pretty significant to me.

Redrock Micro

Paul Burwell is the photographer who took the shot and he describes in his blog post
Have you seen the cover shot on the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of Outdoor Photography Canada (OPC) Magazine? It’s my shot of a Kermode “Spirit” Bear and there is an accompanying article inside about a trip I lead last fall to photograph these wonderful and uniquely Canadian bears. This isn’t my first cover shot on a magazine, but it is one I’m particularly proud of as I believe it may be one of the first cover shots ever published that was made at ISO 3200.”

Congratulations Paul – and please go read more about Paul and his wildlife tours – you can go on his Great Bear trip this fall!

(Photo credit: snap from the cover)



    1. Yes the front cover for my most recent ‘Vanishing Ireland – Further Chronicles of a Disappearing World’ book was shot on a Canon 5D MK 2 hand held at 1/50th with f7.1 at ISO 4000.
      Well impressed with the performance of this camera.
      Many of the images within the book have been shot at even higher ISO – with pretty goo results i would say.
      Have a look at some shots and the cover at the following link.

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