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Tonight, we had yet another great conversation with a HDSLR editor, cinematographer and cameraman, Richard Allen Crook on our planet5D Live channel. In case you missed it, here's the archive. We did have a few audio problems at the beginning and i apologize to those who came in for the short delay, but the conversation was very interesting. I really enjoyed the section of the chat about the picture styles as well – it was impressive because Richard was also using his Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews) as his webcam and could show the picture styles live.

Redrock Micro

Here's the archive:


Our thanks to Richard Crook and all the viewers who slugged thru the technical difficulties!

His “Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Canon 5d Mk II; Adobe Premiere Edition (Updated for firmware 2.0.4)

And the colorization video i showed during the interview:

Color Grading Demo – Richard Allen Crook from Crooked Path Films on Vimeo.

Some examples of my color grading projects. Enjoy!

(Photo credit: snap from the trailer of “The Key”)



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