5D MarkII Standard Definition 4:3 Frame Guides

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Interesting post by Matthew Jeppsen over on freshdv on how to make some 4:3 frame guides on his Canon EOS 5D Mark II (reviews). “I’ve got an upcoming commercial shoot for a client that will air on our local NBC affiliate. The station is currently standard-definition only, so the deliverable will be a 4:3 formatted SD master. Letterboxing would be an easy way out, but is undesirable to the client. Normally I would shoot this type of project on a standard definition camcorder in 4:3 mode; but this commercial script calls for some of the lens tricks possible with a DSLR, so I chose to shoot it on the 5D Mark II

Redrock Micro

So, wanna know how he did it? Rush over to the post on FreshDV!

(Photo credit: snap from the article)


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