World Wide Premiere of “People Suck!”

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Monday evening was exciting – we had Aaron Kohn on live for an interview (see recording below) as well as premiering his movie “People Suck!” (which is also below).

Redrock Micro

Here's the interview:


And here's the premiere of the full length movie (and you can download the full size movie if you'd like for free over on vimeo – just look for the download link in the right hand column)

People Suck! from Aaron P Kohn on Vimeo.

“I need hardly remind you that people are more inclined to believe in bad intentions than in good ones, and hence my account will carry no less conviction than yours.”
-The Decameron, Boccaccio

This was a 0$ budget short student film shot in NYC.

Richie is a normal guy who tackles the question many of us face in life about how much to trust people. Just as Richie decides to give up on humanity, things change for him.

Directed by Aaron KOHN
Written by Robert CAUDY
Starring Kostas PARAGIOS

Shot on a Canon 7D
with Support from Zeiss, Indisystems, Humble Monkey, Columbia University Film Productions.

(Photo credit: snap from the trailer)



  1. The beginning was very hard to watch but as the movie progressed, it definitely started to shape up. The end song is very lovely. Props to the student and the cast and all who had a part in making this short.

  2. endsong rules..! the short is no better or
    for that matter..worse.. than any of the literally
    hundreds or perphaps thousands of student
    short films made each year.

    Why it’s given such attention here is beyond me.

    1. Author

      @sammy – yes, it is a student film and not in the league of things done by Shane Hurlbut etc. However, everyone has to start somewhere and we try to show ‘the average joe’ how to do things – as well as the superstars like Shane and Rodney etc. Not everyone instantly starts out as a superstar.

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