uniQoptics shows off new digital cinema lenses at NAB

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Yes, while wandering around in the outskirts of the NAB convention (the darn thing is the biggest convention I've ever been to!) you find all sorts of interesting companies and products. Late on the first day, I was trying to work my way around to some of the smaller booths when I ran into Whitney at the uniQoptics booth who was showing off their new line of lenses. Now, mind you, I'm not a lens expert and they didn't give me one to try out or anything either. But they did look pretty impressive and I thought you might want to give uniQoptics a look.

Redrock Micro

Razor 7D Series

“Among the first ever true digital lenses, the Kenji Suematsu Signature Series Primes are a professional set of lenses built in Simi Valley, CA. They are the combined result of ’ decades of cinema equipment experience, and the world-class optical design expertise of its joint development partner, Hyperion Development, LLC. Highlights of this remarkable and affordable prime set include:”

  • Modern Digital Optical Design Made in USA
  • Full Range of Focal Lengths (14mm-100mm)
  • Covers up to 43mm Image Circle
  • Accurate Focus Marking and True T1/9-T/22
  • Low Distortion and Virtually No Breathing
  • Uniform Focus and Iris Gear Diameters with Full and Easy to Read Scales
  • Convertible to Canon EOS

UniQoptics Kenji Suematsu Signature Series

is now shipping the 18mm Signature Series Prime lens, completing the core set of six lenses. In addition, the 16mm prime lens is slated for release in summer 2010 with the 14mm ultra-wide lens following in the fall. uniQoptics is now taking advanced orders for these highly anticipated primes.

(Photo credit: snap from the uniQoptics)


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