Two weeks in – my new life experience as a full time blogger

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Two weeks ago today (this is Friday 5/7) was my last day at my ‘day job' and I couldn't be happier with how things are going so far! New readers continue to find planet5D and they often pop in on the chat (see the popup tab at the bottom of the page) and tell me how glad they are they found us! New advertisers are coming in and that will help pay some bills. And many of you are telling me how you're using our affiliate links to purchase things – and we're very grateful!

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I've been doing plenty of assessment of things as the 2 weeks have gone by. I've tried reading a little bit more and enjoying more of the day instead of just sitting in front of this computer for 12 hours a day. The iPad is helping there some. I just read this article called “7 Life Changing Lessons Learned From Walt Disney” and I have to say that without knowing them in advance, I'm doing pretty well.

But don't for a minute think that we're just gonna sit back and just blog all day! HECK NO! We've got several major irons in the fire that we're hoping to be able to announce in the next month or so and I know you'll love them! In fact, I've been so busy starting on these new features, that I owe you plenty of blog posts… the news is piling up – but I assure you, I'll get to them shortly!


I can't really describe the feelings I've had in the last few weeks – the weeks leading up to my last day (especially after 31 years at the same company) were traumatic and liberating (and stressful!). The two weeks since have been joyful and stressful at the same time. Tho I worked from home for my day job, adjusting to a new schedule (not that I've really gotten one ironed out yet) and trying to figure out how to do everything that needs to be done has shown me plenty of unlocked emotions.

What I can sort of describe tho is the pure pleasure and happiness that I've had from hearing from so many of you who have wished me well in this new adventure. And so many of you have told me your own stories and they really do help! You people are so encouraging!!! THANK YOU!

I am so totally committed to bringing you not only the boring news, but the truly exciting stuff – and we're digging very hard to bring you exclusive stuff that nobody else has.

We're committed to hold on to our title of being the best Canon HDSLR site on the planet!

Thanks for sticking with planet5D and if you happen to talk to one of our advertisers, please tell them you found them thru planet5D?

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  1. Glad to know your new life is what you wanted!

    Although you started in your ex-company before i was born (I’m 25 now), until last year, I had a dayjob which asked me to leave. Since then, I was able to live fully from photography, videos and tv sets. Sure, some months are harder than others, but I would not go back. Being your own boss is awesome! Keep up the good work and continue doing what you like to do! Life is too short not to enjoy it .

  2. good on you mitch. i think i can speak for all of your readers that we’re all loving your work. i for one am extremely thankful for the information you give us all on a regular basis.

    long live planet 5d!

  3. Good luck to you Mitch. Do you have a workflow for us PC users yet? I think that would drive a lot of traffic your way. I just got the new version of Premiere Pro CS5 and it works well with native 5D video.

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