“The Elders” – help raise funds to make a Canon EOS 7D movie

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Yesterday, I saw Philip Bloom tweet about raising funds to make a documentary – so I checked it out and have found out more – turns out it is called “The Elders” and Nathaniel Hansen who is making it if it gets funded will be using the Canon EOS 7D as well as a Sony EX1/Letus Extreme. DVInfo.net has also written a very informative blog post about the movie and Nathaniel. The project has raised only 20% of the needed funds, so if you have a bit of spare cash and would like to be listed in the credits, give them a bit of dough and get this off the ground please.

Redrock Micro

The KickStart site is a place where people can go to try to raise funds for their projects and Nathaniel has a video introduction there with his pitch for the film. I wrote to Nathaniel and asked for a little more info and he sent:

“Thanks for reaching out. I'll be shooting two cameras for sure, a 7D set up and my EX1/Letus Extreme. I haven't bought the 7D yet, but plan to especially after my most recent (and first) shoot with the 7D blew me away

I was shooting with the EX1 and Letus extreme, and a zeiss 85mm f1.4 and my other DP was on his 7D/Cavision rig. I was sold as soon as we opened the interview files in post. His footage was gorgeous right out of the box.

I had shot previously with the 5D (“Hanging Cleats” a commercial for the 2010 World Cup) – but had to ditch a lot of the footage because of the wobble/jell-o effect, which made me nervous about adopting HDSLRs right away.

We didn't have any problems with the 7D footage on this more recent shoot, and he was hand held the whole night and during the interviews.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to answer them as best I can!”

(From the DVInfo.net post) About Nathaniel Hansen:
Nathaniel James Hansen is an award-winning filmmaker and media artist. His directed works include nationally broadcast commercials, short and feature-length documentaries, short narrative films, episodic television, web-based media, and ethnographic film. His documentary films have screened at festivals in the US and internationally, and most recently at the White House.

(Photo credit: snap from the introduction by Nathaniel on KickStart)



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