Second Behind The Scenes from “The Last 3 Minutes”

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Shane Hurlbut has posted the second of three behind the scenes movies from their making of the short “The Last 3 Minutes”… This episode was from the “Vietnam sequence” from the movie that we were able to premiere here on planet5D a few weeks ago. (You can view the movie on planet5D Cinema of course). This second behind the scenes has a special bonus as well – a full explanation of the filming of the helicopter scene from the last Terminator movie where Shane was the Director of Photography. Here's his post that covers both. You can also ask questions over there!

Redrock Micro

From Shane's blog post: The Terminator sequence could be repeated several times to get it exactly right. On “The Last 3 Minutes” we could rehearse but we still had only 6 takes with explosions. Dan Cangemi, and Al Di Sarro, the SPEFX”S team from “Act of Valor” were nice enough to come and play with us to make an ordinary scene extraordinary. We ran it many times to get all the departments in sync: actors, camera, effects, smoke, explosions, etc. Much of this was a dance in showing the director, Po Chan what it would be like and then adjusting so that her vision came to life.

And here's the behind the scenes for the “Vietnam sequence” from “The Last 3 Minutes”

Making of “The Last 3 Minutes” Vietnam Scene from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on Vimeo.

(Photo credit: snap from the Last 3 Minutes)


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