Picture Style and your Canon HDSLR

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Yesterday, while watching Vincent Laforet's creativeLIVE training, someone in the chat room pointed to this demo of what picture styles can do for your Canon EOS 7D – please realize that this also goes for your Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS-1D MKIV and Canon Rebel T2i/550D. The author has a bit of a flair which made me laugh too. Remember tho while watching that most of his examples are created in post with color grading software, but it does give you an idea of what can be done with the picture styles and if you're making videos, you'll want the ‘super flat' style which has been covered here in the blog. And, don't forget, there are tons of resources available in the planet5D wiki video guide!

Redrock Micro

How to increase the Canon 7D dynamic range (Tutorial) from Luka on Vimeo.

Tutorial on how to use picture styles to increase the dynamic range of the Canon 7D / 5DMkII.

Custom picture styles are an amazing feature that almost compensate for the lack of a raw codec for video capture on the Canon DSLRS. The default picture styles on the camera are geard towards producing nice results out of the box but are not very good if you intend to do color correction and grading in postprocessing. This tutorial shows how to use custom picture styles that produce very flat, high dynamic range footage (similar to real film cameras).

The actual picture styles have been made by other people, and here are some references:
Super Flat, Genesis Panalog and Velvia:

Marvel's Cine Style:

If you have problems downloading them, you can get them from here in one package (www.crnkovic.org/video/picture_styles.zip). I do however recommend that you get them from the original sources and read the forum posts/blog posts associated with them.

The final example footage was shot handheld (Zacuto rapid fire + zfinder) at Skogskyrkog̴rden cemetery in Stockholm. I scouted the place for a possible future shoot and the footage I shot was never meant for release Рit did however come handy in this tutorial as it was all shot using the super flat picture style.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)



  1. Really great post. I am going out today and trying some new profiles with my 7D

  2. These picture styles are excellent…thanks for posting…

    I have a general question for anyone who uses Canon’s L series lenses, I have a 28-80 2.8-4L and recently the motor stopped working properly, the AF is shot as well as the manual focus is always slipping out…I sent this to a few camera places as Canon stopped servicing this lens 10 yrs. ago! No one seems to be able to…Any ideas or know a great repair shop? besides the focus everything about this lens is pristine & lack of funds for a new lens. Thank you.

  3. luka
    can you point me in the direction of some picture profiles. i’ve located and used the marvel pp with great results. other profiles would be great to have in pccket. ps, great tutorial, you should be in movies………oh, you are. best, paul

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