Philip Bloom and Lucasfilm

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Philip Bloom has posted a really great synopsis of his work with Lucasfilm on the movie “Red Tails”. There is a ton of information and photos in the post – so go read it now.

Redrock Micro

This movie will give you enough of a tease to get you over to read Philip's post – in fact, you should go read it right now – but just in case you need the tease, here it is:

Behind the Scenes on Lucasfilm's Red Tails with the Canon DSLRs from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Some behind the scenes from my stint filming DSLR pick ups for Red Tails.

Thanks SO much to Rob Wynn at Lucasfilm for this!

Please read the blog for all the info on this shoot

(Photo credit: snap from the video)



  1. This is very cool, but after checking out dudes blog I can’t help but think he is vain as hell. Countless pictures and videos of himself kina sour the deal.

    1. Nothing sour about it,this guy has help countless people thru his hardwork and talent,he’s in the show biz like alot of us, what else do you put on your own blog?,isnt the idea to promote yourself and your skills,as in preforming your skills and the result of those skills as in this case video and photography? Its not vanity mate its promotion!

      1. I totally agree with Allister. Philip has given a lot through his blog and various interviews that can be found on the web. He is an asset to the film/video community.

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