1. Allister Whyte

    Trying to find the words,,,,,,,,,sorry i can only come uop with what i actually said out loud ”WOW” ,followed by me running to my crew and screaming ‘Look Look Look” beutiful,well done,thanks for posting this.

  2. Fez

    It’s amazing how HDSLR can achieve the cinematography feel needed for House procdution. Any behind-the-scene footage would be a treasure trove for 5dm2 gearhead like me.

    1. Author

      Believe me Fez – we’re trying to get that kind of info for you! Keep your eye out – no promises, but I’m trying :)

  3. Bryan Green

    LOL, great post Allister. I couldn’t agree more, it’s still amazing that a primetime show like House with an insane budget would elect to shoot with a 5DM2. That’s quite the compliment & testament of its capabilities.

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