Near Minneapolis? HDSLR workshop this Tuesday

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This came in this weekend and we're adding it to the Event Calendar in case you're near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The seminar is called “Moving into Motion”. By the way, you can now subscribe to the planet5D International Event Calendarwebcal format or view online (and you can subscribe via iCal).

Redrock Micro

DSLR Video Workshop
There is widespread buzz about digital SLR cameras that shoot HD video. Your clients may even already be requesting you to shoot video clips in addition to stills while on-set. What do you do?

Find out how to successfully capture video and audio, import and edit, export and distribute full HD video in this introductory workshop on moving from stills into motion.

This session will cover:

  • DSLR pros and cons
  • Necessary hardware and software
  • The camera setup
  • Successful audio capture
  • Storage and conversion of footage
  • Importing and editing
  • Output and delivery
  • External resources

Session starts at 6:30pm and will go through 9:00pm with time afterwords for questions, networking and drinks. Light refreshments and beverages will be served.

Register at the Moving into motion seminar

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