“Moon Ring”-full length feature film going to shoot with Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs

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There's a bit of a buzz going around Hollywood about this new “teen romance” that is being filmed with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs – and planet5D has been given early access to information about the movie! It is called “Moon Ring” and I was able to talk with the Director Scott Loye and the DP Bruce Dorn on the phone the other day. planet5D has also been invited to be on set for a few days and we're pretty darn excited!

Redrock Micro

While this isn't starting out to be on the budget level of something like “Twilight”, it seems that many in Hollywood are keeping an eye on this lower budget film mainly because they are going to be shooting completely on the Canon HDSLRs as well as being the first movie to have access to the complete new line of Zeiss Compact Prime Cinema lenses. Hollywood wants to see how well the 5D2s work in a full 2 hour feature.

The Director of Photography is one of the Canon Explorers of Light, Bruce Dorn. Bruce has been a director and still photographer for over 30 years. From his biography at the Canon site: “In the motion picture industry, Dorn is known for his expertise in state-of-the-art visual effects and beautiful cinematography. An active member of the Directors Guild of America since 1984, Bruce has earned Gold from the Mobius Awards, the New York Film and Video Festivals, the Clio Awards and a Bronze Lion from the Cannes Commercial Film Festival.”

The story was written by Scott Loye and is a teen romance with a paranormal twist (but it isn't vampires). “Moon Ring is a new Teen Movie to begin shooting this spring/summer in Hot Springs, AR! Our movie is a contemporary romance set within the mystery of two parallel love stories. One exists in the world of the living, the other in the world of the dead.”

Scott is excited about directing the movie and thinks that it is gaining so much interest in Hollywood because they're able to have 31 speaking parts, a great DP, 3 camera teams, grips, gaffers, assistant directors, editors etc. because the cameras allow them to have a smaller staff. And, without producing much promotional material early, the movie is already gaining hold on social sites like facebook (the Moon Ring facebook page) because of the young actors as well as the indie soundtrack that has already been selected.

You can also see a bit more about the production at the Moon Ring movie site.

I'm very excited to be included in early goings of this film and can't wait to go down to watch them do some moviemaking. I'll be bringing more behind the scenes stuff to you in the next few weeks.

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