iPad winner sends us a pic

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Alexander, the winner of the planet5D Review iPad contest sent us a snap of the iPad and his smiling face. Alexander becomes one of the first in the UK to have an iPad! Congratulations to Alexander and our thanks again to everyone who entered the planet5D Review contest. We will be having more prizes to give away soon.

Redrock Micro

Alexander's self portrait displayed on his new iPad

(Photo credit: snap from Apple)



  1. Ironic, isn’t it, that none of your videos are viewable from that iPad you gave away? I should know, I am writing this from the titular product.

    1. Author

      I agree – it is ironic (and I sure won’t get into the argument about whether Flash is good or bad). When vimeo and the likes start giving us embed code that doesn’t use flash, we’ll start using it right away. They have a front end now where you can switch to HTML5, but the embed codes are still using the flash formats. I’m waiting :)

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