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This has been in my list for a while but it was sent in by Denver Riddle – it is the new music video from an old group called Hanson that was shot on the Canon EOS 7D. It is based on an old Blues Brothers sketch but looks pretty good in its new form.

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Denver sent in the additional information that he gathered that's posted on his blog. Some behind the scenes info.

“Kelly Kerr, a photojournalist and visual media teacher (both photography and video) at Oklahoma State University shot the video with Hanson’s Creative Director Paul Lawson. Todd Edwards directed. Kelly was kind enough to send us a write up. Here it is:

Thinking ‘Bout Something’ Write Up – By Kelly Kerr

This video, “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'”, is the latest release by Hanson for their upcoming disc, Shout It Out, which will be available June 8, 2010. The video pays homage to Ray Charles' performance in the cult classic “TheBlues Brothers” movie. In the iconic scene, John Belushi and Dan Akroyd visit Ray's music exchange and perform “Shake Your Tail Feather”, with the help of the Saturday Night Live band and many extras dancing in the Chicago street. Hanson has been life-long fans of the movie and always wanted to recreate the famous scene, where soul music releases a huge impromptu crowd dancing in the streets. The two songs have the same musical feel and almost the same beats per minute. The decision was made to shoot the video in the band's hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma with director, Todd Edwards (Hoodwinked). Hanson creative director, Paul Lawson, story boarded the video and scouted Tulsa's Greenwood Ave. for the street scene. The indoor shots were captured in Hanson's studio where Ray's Music Exchange was recreated with great detail. Lawson sought out the help of choreographer, Heather Hall, to work with the local dancers and organize the 300 extras, which were made up of locals and fans of the band that traveled far and wide for the chance to dance in the video.”


Hanson-Thinking ‘Bout Somethin' from Kelly Kerr on Vimeo.

This is Hanson's latest video, Thinking ‘Bout Somethin' from their upcoming album, Shout It Out. The video was shot in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma over a two day period on historic Greenwood Ave. and on their own soundstage. The video was directed by Todd Edwards (Hoodwinked) and shot by Hanson creative director, Paul Lawson and myself. The footage was captured on two Canon 7D's equipped with assorted Nikon AI lenses. The video pays homage to Ray Charles' Shake Your Tail Feather from the movie, The Blues Brothers. Cameo appearance is made by Weird Al Yankovic.

So, run, don't walk, over to the behind the scenes info because there's more to read!

This was also covered on Philip Bloom's blog.
(Photo credit: snap from the video)



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