Gizmodo gives glowing review for the Canon Rebel T2i/550D calling it the ideal first DSLR

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Gizmodo today released a report on the Canon Rebel T2i/550D and were bold in saying “This Should Be Your First DSLR” right at the top – they really love this camera!

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I urge you to read the whole story, but this is the tease from the top of their review:

Canon's Rebel T2i is an incredible camera—everything a first DSLR should be. It takes fantastic photos (and, crucially, video) for the price, it's easy to use, and perhaps most importantly, it's a camera you can grow with.

But there's no shame in using it if you really know what you're doing, either.

That's in part because it's a semi-pro camera, dressed down. The $900 T2i is essentially Canon's mid-range $1900 7D, one of the best DSLRs for the money, shoved into a simpler, smaller body. Namely, it uses an 18-megapixel APS-C image sensor that's not too different from the 7D's; the same 1080p/full manual video capabilities; and the same IFCL 63-layer dual-zone metering system, adjusted for the T2i's different autofocus setup.

As you read the whole review, you'll see that the author has good experience (it isn't just a fluff piece – tho it isn't a highly detailed tech review either).

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  1. Wow, reading some of the comments some posters wrote at the Gizmodo site give a whole new meaning to the word, moron.

    There were actually complaints about the price! My god. .. and the also the recommendations to buy Pentax instead. Are you frick’in kidding me. Just how far can your head be planted you know where. Really, I have no patience for it.

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