Canon EOS HDSLR training coming up

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Canon is now providing some pretty cool training in the coming months which applies to you HDSLR fans. They've got two programs coming up. They're traveling around the USA this spring and summer… so check out the links below to get more info – and don't miss these if you can get to them and note that space is limited, so get your reservations in early!

Redrock Micro

EOS Moving Image Workshop – Beyond the Still

“The EOS Moving Image Workshop propels professional content creators into a world of artistic possibility through new technology that transcends the traditional boundaries between motion and still.

This hands-on workshop, lead by industry leaders who are actively using the Canon HD SLR technology, 5D Mark II, 7D and EOS-1D Mark IV in professional film and video productions, will include camera applications, menus, lighting, workflow and post production options. Balancing creative opportunity with technical understanding, this dynamic event is designed to quickly build skills that allow you to craft beautiful moving images that optimize the possibility of the technology.

Designed and presented in collaboration with Createasphere, this workshop includes facilitated presentations, hands-on coaching, guided shoots and an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with industry leaders”

Kristen from Canon also sent us this about the workshop:
“We max out on gear which makes the workshop really different from others. We allow students access to a variety of Canon prime lenses and third party gear to maximize the learning experience.
EOS Moving Image will have an 8:1 teacher:student ratio. We will have 8 working labs set up with everything one could need to start shooting on a pro level. The instructors are a combination of ASC members, industry leaders in HD with DSLRs and our own Canon Tech reps. Moving Image has also add Shane Hurlbut as a guest instructor on Day 1 – we are really excited about that. See his short ‘the Last 3 minutes' at Canon. ”

Canon Cinema Caravan: Workshops for EOS Storytellers

“The Canon Cinema Caravan is a new learning experience. Participants can partake in the two day Workshops for EOS Storytellers and then follow the crew on the Cinema Caravan blog as they travel across the country teaching, experimenting and, of course, creating.

Workshops are designed for professionals already experienced in videography who want to master the cinematic features of EOS HD SLRs or photographers interested in expanding their professional offerings. This two-day program offers facilitated demonstrations and guided shoots customized to your individual needs. You’ll gain an understanding of how to apply your personal aesthetics to HD video and how to make the best creative choices for the story or message you are trying to convey, including lighting, lens choice, color, and camera movement. The Canon Cinema Caravan Workshops for EOS Storytellers is developed and presented in conjunction with stillmotion.”

Blogger's disclosure: Canon is paying for an advertisement for these seminars on planet5D.

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