planet5D rocks full time (the end of my day job)

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Back in early 2008, I read a post by Arn, the owner of where he described the growth of his site to a point where he was earning more running macrumors than he was doing his day job so he quit. As it turns out, he was a physician running his own practice (and earning well over 6 figures he said). Right then and there, I knew I wanted to do the same thing (tho I'm not a doctor nor am I earning anything like a doctor).

Redrock Micro

The birth of planet5D

And so, when Canon announced the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, I decided that was my chance to be like Arn and created planet5D. As some of you know, it started out as the wiki and then I added news to that. Eventually, in March 2009, I moved over to a new site and started doing the blog with WordPress like you see today.

What you may not have ever known or thought about, but I too have been writing and managing planet5D as my hobby – I had a day job and was doing everything with planet5D in the evenings and on weekends. Well, as of today, April 23rd, planet5D is now my ‘day job'. The company I was working for decided that paying people overseas to do application development very cheaply is a better way of doing business than paying people (like me) with 30+ years of experience and have let a whole bunch of us start new careers (ok, it is called a layoff – I was trying to put nice words on it – I could spend an entire blog post going off on them about this ‘great' idea, but you want to read about cameras, not my thoughts on the economy and large companies shortsightedness).


This little hobby has indeed grown incredibly in the last 18 months – almost to the point where it can be my full time job. And blogging isn't as easy as it looks so I'm happy to have more time to dedicate to expanding planet5D and I'm very excited!

I now have the time to dedicate to not only digging for news like I have done in the past, but now I can properly handle all of the tips and news items y'all send my direction. And, if you have news or a product, or a video, or even stills (yes I said it!) you'd like to announce on planet5D, please use the contact page and let me know! I will have more time to really do those right now.

So, what does this mean to you the planet5D readers?

More of everything! I have some great things that I've wanted to do with planet5D and now I can accomplish many of those. So you'll see more news and some great new things coming your way.

In fact, we're planning on doing more regular UStream live interviews and group chats so keep an eye out for those.

But since planet5D isn't yet earning enough to replace my old day job, please help me stay away from a day job!

Since I'll be clothing and feeding my starving children purely from the income we receive from planet5D, you'll see a bit more advertising and you'll see me asking you more often to use our affiliate links to buy things. Many people tell me they're afraid of using affiliate links because they think it will cost them more, but in fact, it costs you nothing extra to use my affiliate links. The vendor pays me a small commission to bring them visitors and they don't add any extra fees.

So, it would really help if next time you are planning on buying something from Amazon (even if it is music, books, clothing, diapers, food, etc), or B&H, or Adorama that you come to planet5D and click on one of the affiliate links to take you over to their site so I could get a tiny commission from your purchase! I also am an affiliate for the DVDs on the training page and for pluraleyes so if you plan to buy those, please come back thru the planet5D links instead of buying them directly?

You can also get to many of the affiliates thru the planet5D Review site – and please don't forget to add your product reviews over there – it will help planet5D as well as other buyers make their decisions.

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planetMitch is excited!

So there you go, things are changing in my life and the last couple of weeks have been very very hectic with finishing up my day job and NAB and preparing to run planet5D full time. I hope you're excited as I am and I know you'll be pleased with the additional features and news coverage we have planned for the near future.

Rest assured, I intend to continue to respond to you (our readers) with more great stuff – and planet5D will continue to be the “best Canon HDSLR site on the planet!”

And thank you for helping us reach that goal!


  1. Mitch, congratulations. It’s liberating isn’t it? Scary, too! Your website was one of the first places I turned to (and still do) for info on DSLR video. It in effect helped launch my career new direction. So, I wish you the best. Let’s do a ustream together every now and then!

  2. Good luck to a fellow St. Louisan. I really enjoy the site and look forward to even more great content.

  3. Cool news for us readers, I hope it also works out for you.

    This is coming from a MacRumors reader since Arn started it. I also recently set out to become self employed with a writing career, so I know how daunting that step of quitting ‘an actual job’ can be. Isn’t it nice they took that they took that decision away from you? 😉

    But in all seriousness: much luck to you! I am looking forward to what you have planned.

  4. Mitch, great news, totally win-win! Congrats! We’re glad you’re here, you’re our 5D Mark II pipeline, lol! (Yes, I know you cover all video DSLRs, but the flagship is the 5D2. It’s like using the word Thermos even though there are other brands!)

  5. Good luck Mitch. Your site is a great resource for Canon HD DSLR photographers.

  6. Great stuff, Mitch. Always good to see the new “gems” you dig up and are able to share. Keep ’em coming!


  7. Hey man. This is awesome news. I’m really happy for you. it’s my goal for my site to start picking up too. I currently work as an editor and filmmaker so I’ve decided to start a blog with everything about editing, but for now I put up a site that sorta a new’s like feed for filmmakers. It’s at If you need any help with any promotion or anything email me, or if you have any advice or tips for my site I’d appreciate that too.
    Good luck man!

  8. Rock on Mitch!

    You were already doing a phenomenal job, so we know it’s only going to get better from now on!!!!

    Wish you all the luck in the world!!!!

    T ; )~

  9. Mitch – I’m proud and at the same time inspired by you taking the leap. Congratulations!
    I will be joining you soon on the other side.

  10. Sorry to hear about the layoff. Steinbeck called the business machine behind such choices “the monster” and I have never heard so apt a choice of words.

    I definitely would like to support you and your site, but I can’t until you stop the practice of framing your exterior links. It’s a bad practice that I suspect may be hurting you more than you know.

    That said, I do wish you great success. I greatly support your efforts to get the word out about the 5D (and more) and to aggregate all sorts of great, interesting information on what is being done with these tools!

    1. Author

      Thanks for your input Greg. I do listen to all sorts of input and will listen to your input on the ‘framing’ of external links with Pretty Link Pro. I’ve read and heard lots of very positive inputs on this practice and a few negatives, but would like to know why you believe it is a ‘bad practice’.

      My main reasons in favor of it are 1) builds branding (big plus) 2) proven to provide additional new visitors to planet5D 3) the external site gets the hit traffic (planet5D doesn’t get an additional ‘hit’).

      I’m sure willing to listen to your input!

      1. Mitch, thanks for your thoughtful response. Let me reply first to your main reasons for favoring framing.

        1.) Brand building – When you link to an exterior site and keep your planet5D frame around it, you are branding another person’s work with your brand. The content has nothing to do with the brand label. You also have no idea what you are branding. For example, imagine I follow your link to an explanation particular film looks. Someone on that web site posts a comment linking to a video on youtube. On the right of that link is another link to a youtube video on Megan Fox which has comments which link to pornography. If I don’t close the frame, the planet5D brand is still up there.

        2.) Providing additional visitors to planet5D – I don’t see how the frame would provide you with additional visitors. This may be additional service provided by Pretty Link Pro, but the frame itself can’t possibly bring you more visitors, since the only people who see the frame are those exiting your site.

        3.) The external site should get the traffic hit either way.

        My main reasons for objecting to the practice are as follows.

        A.) Privacy – With the frame in place, it is possible to track every click I make down the line. This could include purchases and credit card information. I don’t think this is something you would monitor, but you can see where it would be cause for disquiet.

        B.) It masks the true URL in the browser bar – When I click a link from your site, I don’t get to see the URL of the site I am visiting, but rather only the planet5D blog post URL. The true URL ends up writ large in the text of the frame usually truncated and always visually chaotic. This also means I can’t hover over a URL and see where it will take me. (I like to know where I am going) Your URL persists no matter how far down the line I go.

        C.) The option to close the window on the frame is not a “collapse” but in fact simply links to the true URL. This means a performance hit as the page reloads and is especially problematic when a video has begun to buffer. It also means that if your original link gave the site a hit, the closing of the frame gave the site a second hit. This might see like a positive (YAY! Two hits!) but it means the receiving website ends up with inaccurate data. (BOO! bad data!)

        D.) It is aesthetically distracting.

        E.) It ignores the ‘frame wars’ of the late 1990’s – Before becoming a photographer I worked in multimedia development and web design in the early years of the web. Many companies sought to pad their content by framing the content of others and essentially passing it off as their own or, at least, pretending they were in some way partnered. By the late ’90’s you could find yourself in the absurd situation of looking at a site framed eight levels deep.

        F.) Finally, it feels clingy. I don’t know how else to say it. I feel like I’m out the door at a party and you keep asking me to come back, ’cause it’s only just getting started woo hoo. This is pretty intangible, I know, but it lacks elegance.

  11. congratulations Mitch, and good luck in making this all happen! I’ll continue visiting Planet5D each day for 5D news, as I have been for the last year or so.



  12. Congratulations, Mitch – you have the best site, and I appreciate the excellent resources you provide. Your loyal fan base will support your efforts in droves…including me! Vicky

  13. Hi. well Mitch Congrats.. and.. outsourcing has placed lotta ppl out of job here in Dubai as well. I like your site gives everything about Canon5D and 7D.. good work!

    One thing when I click your adds i think new tab or window should open rather than driving away from the site.



  14. Congratulations Mitch. I got laid off too so I now have an 8 month around the world ticket (5D does Bolivia, Havana, Madrid, Tokyo). Luckily I can read your feed every day. Reading ‘The Four Hour Working Week’ – run your life from anywhere.

  15. I am working in Da Nang Vietnam and as one of the very few in country video producers we are working on a very complex project using the 5d 11 and with out this site it would be very extremely difficult to stay current-

  16. Well, having had the pleasure of working with you some of those 30 years, I’ve no doubt this will be successful for you … I enjoy watching you grow this presence into the beneficial and important resource to the communities you service.

    Go to it man!

    BTW … Greg’s bullet-proof argument against frames should be seriously considered, especially at the risk of negatively impacting your branding efforts. Maybe a rethink, eh?

  17. Mitch I love your blog and every time I can do something to help you count with me like always accesing B&H from this site, I enjoy so much the info you provide us.

  18. Congrats Mitch.

    Hope it all works out great.

    just remember that when you start earning mega bucks that you buy us all nice shiny DSLR gear for christmas 🙂

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