planet5D Review iPad contest final drawing postponed

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UPDATE: OK, you know it, I know it, I failed you! I have plenty of excuses and could list them all (and many of you know what has been going on in my life) but those don't get around the fact that I messed up and delayed the contest and then delayed it again. I didn't expect or want this to happen, but I let it happen and now I need to fix it. I'm sorry that I failed on this one and I will strive to never let it happen again.

The iPad drawing will indeed be this Thursday, April 29th at 9pm EDT (8 CDT/6 Pacific) – it will be at the very beginning of the live interview with @mostlyLisa (see next post). You can watch live on the planet5D UStream channel.

I hope you understand – I do have the iPad and I will award it as promised.

Original post: Hi y'all… sorry for the delay, but I've decided to delay the awarding of the iPad from the planet5D Review giveaway. When I picked the April 15th date, I wasn't planning on going to NAB and then just a few weeks ago, I decided to go. And this April 15th date is the tax day here in the USA and I had to finish several tax forms. And lastly, I've had several requests well before the deadline to add products that aren't currently in the review site, so I've decided to delay the award until next Thursday, April 22nd. And, I plan to do it live on the planet5D UStream channel. Please watch for an announcement soon as I'm trying to line up a special guest for an interview as well!

Redrock Micro

I appreciate your understanding – I know you're eager!

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  1. But, now the odds are changing…. Technically, not sure you can do this and stay within the law.. Just sayin’….

    1. Author

      David, I’m changing the date for several reasons, but the main one is that I told several people I would be able to add products for them to review before the deadline, and because of the amount of time NAB took out of my schedule, I didn’t have time to add those products.

      And look guys, we’re only talking about 315 entries at this point and we might add another 20 or so if we’re lucky by drawing date. So the odds of winning are still phenomenal compared to all the other contests where there are thousands or tens of thousands of entries.

      And lastly… from the ‘rules’ page is this:

      “Sponsor also reserves the right to modify the rules at any time – but promises to honor their side of the bargain as long as you honor yours and don’t get all crazy about legal stuff.”

  2. Very very cool.
    Thank you for your work on this nice project.

    Mitch bought the iPad with his ‘private’ money.
    He can do with his contest what he want. 😉
    Or is there something not right?

  3. @CEEA I actually don’t know. But, I’m thinking he should limit the ‘entries’ to the original contest period. I’m probably coming across wrong in the post.. But, I really mean just to keep Mitch safe. Not trying to be abrasive.

  4. Exciting to see that you are fulltime Planet5D now! Did the drawing happen? I cant seem to see who won!

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