planet5D exclusive! A new Canon EOS 7D short plus background videos

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We're very excited about this one – another planet5D exclusive shot with Canon EOS 7Ds – a new short that will be coming May 4th from some Columbia University students and we'll exclusively be bringing you all of the background materials, tutorials, and product reviews along with a chat with the producer! The film was shot a week ago and now is in post production. Look below for the trailer. This great group of students has also put together tutorials as they were shooting the film and are producing reviews of the products at the same time they were shooting the short – we'll be bringing you all of that in the coming weeks.

Redrock Micro

A little over a month ago we got this message from Aaron Kohn, a 19 year-old filmmaker and student at Columbia University:

“In two weeks I'm directing a short film at Columbia University… I'm a student there… not actually studying film… but during the pre-production for the film, I've lined up a couple of sponsorships and a few companies are lending us gear for the shoot in return for online videos and reviews.

The angle for all of this is that the 7D, and especially the T2i are going to have the biggest impact I imagine not on the professionals in the industry, but film students who are obviously going to spend $1000 on a T2i and lens rather than spending 4-5 thousand on a 3ccd HD camcorder. Yet, most resources online are for professionals; there aren't a lot of resources designed for students.”

Aaron has shared exclusively with Planet5D his preview of the film, and as he explains in it, after the final cut goes online May 4, we’re going to post a series of tutorials and reviews about how the production got a crew of 30 students and professionals in NYC to work on a student film for free, and how they used a 7D and DSLR-friendly gear at the center of their workflow.


So while you wait for the final cut on May 4, check out the teaser for People Suck!, and start thinking of questions for how student film productions and low-budget films can be shot on a DSLR!

planet5D live chat with Aaron – May 3rd 6PM EDT

And, before I show the trailer, Aaron and I (and you!) will be chatting on the planet5D UStream channel starting at 6pm EDT on Monday May 3rd. And on UStream, you too can join in and ask questions in the chat window. You will need to register at UStream (their requirement not mine) in order to chat in the chat window… so you may want to do that early.

This is going to be some fantastic material and lessons learned from these students presented exclusively on planet5D – so please stay tuned!

And, if you're like Aaron and would like to let us know about your project, please let us know via the contact page.

(Photo credit: snap from the trailer)



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  3. dude I am excited to see this! To think you used to ask me how to add a transition! 🙂 Good job man keep up the hard work!

  4. Definitely looking forward to this! They are using the exact same rig I’m looking to buy so I’m anxious for the review and some behind the scenes footage.

  5. Okay, May 3rd has come and gone. Will we get to see the whole video of “People Suck?” Gotta see the whole thing; the teaser makes you want to know.

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