NAB day 1 roundup (updated)

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Oh boy! What a lot of fun the first day of NAB was – and i didn't even go to any of the seminars. It was my first time attending the NAB and i spent it just trying to wrap my head around the number of people and vendors attending this show! Wow!

Redrock Micro

I started by wandering past the registration line – which wound its way around the conference center – there were probably 5,000 people in that line. Yikes. Thank goodness i preregistered and they sent me the badge in the mail. And the Las Vegas convention center is HUGE.

I started by looking for the Canon booth (which in itself is huge) and instantly found Vincent Laforet up on stage with a bunch of people watching him. Then came Rodney Charters. And i met Kristen from Canon who is working on some training that we'll be announcing later here.

Rodney, Vincent, Shane Hurlbut, and others are giving their little shows 3 times a day for the next 3 days. I'll wander back and watch them again. I didn't get to see Shane's yet. I ended up hitching along as Vincent and Rodney went cruising around the show floor and it was like watching 2 kids in the candy store! HA. Great entertainment and I got to meet lots of folks thru them.

Later i made it over to the Redrock Micro booth and watched Brian Valente give the demo of their new microRemote and microTracker – will have the video online later this week (i don't have my mac with me i'm afraid and don't have any editing software on this office computer (fail!) – lesson learned – gotta buy a new laptop :).

Redrock is a sponsor of planet5D, but regardless, this new stuff is looking pretty amazing (yes i use that word a lot). The microTape is a sonar based rangefinder – and when connected to the microRemote, you have the option of letting it do the focussing for you! The microRemote will work with the iPhone or iPod Touch and will give you a huge amount of detail about your current focus and it is configured to your specific lens to even give you the range of depth of field for your specific lens so you have an idea of what is in focus and what isn't. I wish i could edit/upload the video now. Sorry.

I wandered around the floor and saw some pretty cool stuff from Marshall (the monitor folks) and Zeiss (lenses and i'll make some video of the new cinema zoom they have). I met Chuck Westfall and several others from Canon.

Now that i have the first exposure out of the way, i'll have a better idea of how to attack day 2 🙂

Oh, and the charity poker event was a real hoot over at the Hard Rock. I met so many great folks there while playing cards as well as hanging around chatting afterwards! I won't even try to list them all because it would be epic fail!

UPDATE: I can't believe i forgot to mention dinner! I had the pleasure of eating with Jerry Ward (Canon), Vincent Laforet, Rodney Charters, Alex Buono (director of photography for Saturday Night Live), and Dan Chung (we've featured him several times here on planet5D). Wow… need i say more? (And no, i'm not saying anything about the dinner conversation – other than it was very interesting!).

I will be wandering around again today with my planet5D shirt and if you can spot me… stop me and introduce yourself!



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