ikan at NAB 2010

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We met up with Clint Milby from ikan (one of our planet5D sponsors) at the ikan booth during NAB 2010 – and we got a lot of info from him about their latest equipment for rigging called “Elements”. “Designed with you in mind, the Elements line is everything you love about camera support, only lighter, smaller and simplified. With the Elements, you aren’t bound to someone else’s vision. You can customize your camera rig exactly the way you want it. At ikan, we understand one size does not fit all in regards to camera rigs or operators. We created the Elements to be customizable in an infinite number of ways so you get the features you need at the price you want.”

Redrock Micro

It was great to finally meet Clint as we'd swapped so many emails and he's been so helpful to planet5D. Here's the interview:

(Photo credit: snap from the the ikan page for elements)



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