First planet5D live interview: Tyler Ginter – Thursday 9:30pm

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We're proud to announce that we're going to be starting a series of live interviews of the movers and shakers in the HDLSR world and we'd like you to participate! First up is going to be Tyler Ginter. He's been a big supporter of planet5D since the early days and always seems to find some great news for us to feature and we appreciate that. Tyler is a member of our USA Army and we're proud of everything he's doing to serve our country, so we thought we'd honor him with our first interview.

Redrock Micro

So here's the plan: Tune in this Thursday (April 8th) at 9:30 EDT (8:30 CDT) over on UStream to join in on the fun. This is going to be live – so there's only one take and we'd better get it right LOL! It will be planned, tho informal.

We're doing it on UStream because there's a chat facility there – you can join in on the interview by registering for a free UStream account and then participate during the chat. We'll monitor the chat room and pass along questions to Tyler as we go. If you're not able to tune in, we'll be recording the event and you'll be able to see it later.

This will be a great learning experience for us (and for you!) the first time in, but we have a long long list of folks we'd like to share with you and we're making this a regular series. Just one more reason planet5D is best site on the planet.

Who is Tyler Ginter?

“I am a Combat Camera Platoon Leader in charge of a team of videographers and photographers who travel the world gathering historical footage for the U.S. Army.”

from Tyler Ginter on Vimeo.

“A well-focused Combat Cameraman can tip the scales in the battle for words, deeds and images. Combat Camera in most cases is the main effort.”

So, please add the planet5D UStream to your bookmarks and this Thursday at 9:30pm EDT for the Tyler Ginter interview!

(Photo credit: snap from the “What is Combat Camera?” video)


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