“Family Kocktail” wins first place in Best of Photojournalism

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Deanne Fitzmaurice sent us the news that her film “Family Kocktail” which she shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has won first place in the Best of Journalism. The film is only available on the Media Storm site so please click this link to view it – “Family Kocktail”.

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Family Kocktail (by Deanne Fitzmaurice, Stan Alcorn and Doug Grant) Kryssy Kocktail always dreamed of leaving her troubled family to join the circus. Now she eats fire and sits on an electric chair as a performer at the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. She also realized her dream of being part of a family.

Poster for the "Family Kocktail" movie

Deanne Fitzmaurice (www.deannefitzmaurice.com) won the Pulitzer Prize in 2005 for a photo story about an Iraqi boy who came to America for medical treatment. Since then she has gone on to tell her stories using video and audio to add depth and richness to her storytelling. Still photography is central to her stories but now her subjects tell the story in their own voices. Deanne also helped design multimedia camera bags for photographers who are using HD DSLRs, at the company she co-founded, Think Tank Photo. Some of the features include drop-in bags for microphones, belt hooks for headphones and cable ports for wiring between bag components.

Family Kocktail was produced at Media Storm. Deanne and Doug Grant shot the video and stills, both using the Canon 5D MKII; Stan Alcorn edited the piece; Eric Meierson produced it and Brian Storm was the Executive Producer.

I love the way Deanne has merged stills and photos in this movie… hope you enjoy it!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


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