Color Grading Explained

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A frequent contributor to planet5D, Denver Riddle has written a good introduction to getting the ‘blockbuster look” and color grading of movies.

Redrock Micro

“It seems that artists are beginning to notice the trend of the so called “Blockbuster” look that’s becoming more and more popular in feature films and in personal projects with the advent of plugins like Red Giants Magic Bullet Looks & Mojo. For those who are just discovering the look, are plastering it all over their creative projects and those discovering the trend in feature films are beginning to bemoan its overuse. But nobody (to my knowledge) has explained yet why the look is popular.”

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    As an artist, I love color grading in film – it appeals to me visually. Artists (painters) have been doing this for about 150 years – caused quite a revolution with the Impressionists. The only thing that I would consider is the overuse of it, and may make a work look derivative.

  2. I believe Stu Maschwitz explained pretty well in his Magic Bullet grading tutorial.

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