Where’s Waldo? Search for the guy behind the USA bench

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Yesterday, the world watched a fantastic hockey match between the USA and Canada (notice I list the USA first LOL). While watching the match on TV, my wife (yes, she saw him first) noticed the guy behind the USA bench was holding a Canon EOS 5D Mark II! Yes, even while totally distracted by hockey, we search for the 5D2. So who was this guy (we're calling him Waldo) and is there anything he shot online?

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We're not the only ones who noticed either…

@richharms: @planetMitch I noticed the same thing, too, while watching the game – love it that someone else also did. :)

@davewowchuk: @planetMitch You know you're a Canon junkie when you're watching the Can/USA game, and you're looking for equipment.

@redskyni @planetMitch saw that Mitch he'll need to start taking pics with it!

@garybc: the guy right behind the USA bench has a Canon EOS 5D Mark II /via @planetMitch – one thing I noticed too! :)

So, can anyone find any of the images/video this guy shot? Anyone know who it was? Sure there were probably lots of professionals there using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or Canon EOS-1D MKIV to take photos of the event, but we're looking for this guy – the non-pro to see what he's got.

If you find him, please let me know!

(Photo credit: snap from smh.com.au)



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