Wedding Photographer Jeff Ascough switches to Canon EOS-1D MKIV

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Famed wedding photographer Jeff Ascough has decided to dump his lousy Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs for a couple of Canon EOS-1D MKIV cameras. I've seen this mentioned in a couple of places and now I see there's an official page over on the Canon Professional Network site.

Redrock Micro

An excerpt from his CPN blog:
“I’ve been shooting with the EOS-1D Mark IV for about three months now. This is the time of year when there are quite a few candlelit wedding ceremonies and receptions, so I’m often shooting events that are taking place in near darkness…

The camera’s performance is really quite staggering at higher ISOs, especially 6400 and 12,800, as the image quality is just gorgeous. There is little noise, no banding and, for a crop sensor camera, the resolution is very good. I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t use the H1 setting (12,800) on the 5D Mark II but I’d happily use 12,800 on the 1D Mark IV all day long.”

Read the whole story and see some great wedding samples.

(Photo credit: snap from Jeff's blog)



  1. Hmm, that’s funny because the the 5D ii’s have more resolution and are better in low light and half the price. If you’re not going to use the 5D ii, then the best option is the D3’s.

  2. Why the lousy with a strike-through bit? Is it a lousy camera? Or is that just sarcasm? ^^

  3. The Picture of the bride on the bottom is pretty noisy and it looks like it was shot in some pretty good lighting too. Maybe it’s the photographer that’s lousy.

  4. As you can see in the small sampling of photos, Jeff has a sense of drama in his photos. Best thing is, the camera doesn’t get in his way. He is very, very good not because he is just a good photographer with a keen eye, but in post, he can edit his work to enhance his story telling technique through pictures.
    Hence, he is an excellent photographer/editor with the tools he needs (great camera & software) to perform a job he loves doing.
    He has the uncanny ability to take a potentially mundane wedding and let it unfold into an absorbing & dramatic story.
    It’s a pleasure for him to share his work with us…

  5. And why use the 85 1.2 L II set at f/2.5? That far away from the subject set at f /1.2 has enough dof..uhmm I would have lowered the iso and opened up more…

    1. That’s right Pompo, because your voted one of the ten best wedding photographers in the world right??

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