Venice Beach meetup with Philip Bloom

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Wow, what a great day we had for the Philip Bloom Canon HDSLR meetup in Venice Beach yesterday! Ok, i thought it was a darn bit cold, and the wind would knock you down at times, but the sun was out and there were well over 100 people who came out to chat and chat and chat.

By the way, for those of you in SoCal, here's a new meetup group forming after the success of this one!

Redrock Micro

I've blown it and didn't bring a card reader so i'll have to add another post later with pix, but for now, you can watch the video below of the day from Emrys Roberts, and you can go read Philip's post which has a ton of photos (and yes, there's one of me showing off my planet5D shirt LOL).

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The Great HD-DSLR Meet up (Canon 7D) from Emrys Roberts on Vimeo.

On March 7th, 2010 Philip Bloom of asked if anyone with an HD-DSLR Camera or not wanted to come down to Venice Beach for the biggest meetup we could achieve. This video is a highlight the day and some of the people that attended. 🙂

Camera: Canon 7D
Lenses: Canon EF 20mm f1.8, Canon EF 50mm f1.8
Editing and CC: Premiere Pro CS3

I met so many great people there – i can't possibly remember them all (but I'll try)… First, I met Abram and then Jerad from Cinema5d arrived. This was practically a full 1/2 hour before the official meetup started! Jerad writes the news section of cinema5d and has been a great addition to their site! He's especially been good at getting interviews with HDSLR dignitaries.

Then it started getting busy real fast – and Rodney Charters (DP on Fox's “24”) arrived. Rodney's been a great supporter of planet5D and it was good to see him again! We talked a bit about 24 and boy did i get some scoop about what's coming in the future shows! (haha just kidding – he told me NOTHING darn it other than he is having fun with the show and thinks we'll enjoy what is coming up). Rodney was quickly broadcasting on UStream from his iPhonecheck the recordings here (tho i don't think it worked out too well, i know rodney was trying to broadcast more than what is shown).

I got to talk to Ed from Canon again – we met the first time at the collision conference last fall. Nope, no inside scoop from him either but it was great to chat with him again!

There were lots of folks there with new rigs, home made rigs, z-finder, LCDVP (i think that's the acronym – from Estonia), steadycams and the like. Several of us commented about the amount of expensive equipment in that single spot yesterday. And Ed was quite pleased.

I got to meet Philip's bride to be @sarahcarlton who was great to talk with. I can't imagine the changes she's going thru and the travels she'll be going on with Philip in the coming years. Should be fun!

It is hard to remember everyone i spoke with. I could try to list them all, but I'd fail! So instead, I recorded some introduction stuff the next day at my hotel and I've just put together those little movies with stuff I shot during the meetup in this little movie…

I used Apple's Aperture 3.0 program to put together the slideshow – and I used one of their default templates just to see how it would turn out… what do you think? (Shout out in the comments!)

There are some scenes in there from “Danny's” as well – Philip, it is NOT “Denny's”! Really enjoyed having lunch with the big gang of folks – there were probably 3x as many as you see in the video.

Thanks again for everyone getting me out there!

Here's a blog entry from Terrance and here are some other videos of the event too:

The Great Meet Up from laherrera5 on Vimeo.

I went to the Canon Master Class with Philip Bloom on Saturday, and the Meet Up on Sunday in Venice Beach. This is just a fun quick edit of the meet up. I did not film much, but I used just about all of the footage here.

I had a great time and met some cool people. I don't have an HD-DSLR, but I am looking to buy a T2i, so this was a great chance to ask a ton of questions and try some of the sweet cameras, gear, and accessories that people had.

A special thanks to Philip, Raw Works, Jerry Verdin, and everyone I met.

Shot on Canon HF100 w/ Jag35 Static and Canon FD 50mm 1.8.

If you see yourself, feel free to add to the credits.
(Sorry, adapter was a little dirty… forgot to clean it)
Song: “Walking on Sunshine” by Ghoti Hook

(Photo credit: snap from the behind the scenes pix)



  1. Great post, Mitch! What a fantastc day it was–the most fun I’ve had shooting in a while. Here’s my short from the footage I shot that day, “Venice + ecineV”:

    Thanks, Mitch, & keep up the good work. Glad you could make it out to Venice!


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