Tired of ‘Rolling Shutter’? Here is a manual fix tutorial

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Mike Huetz has presented this very intriguing manual fix for removing any ‘rolling shutter' (often called the “jello effect”) from your video using Adobe's After Effects. I am no expert, but I would imagine there's a way to do it in FCP as well. It doesn't look simple (at least to this layman), but if you don't want to buy a plugin (and there is at least one I know of – ), then for a few scenes, maybe you can use this fix.

Redrock Micro

Here's the tutorial:

Rolling Shutter Fix Tutorial from Mike Huetz on Vimeo.

Whatup? Here's my tutorial for eliminating the jello effect caused by CMOS's rolling shutter.

This tutorial is set up using Nikon D90 footage (720, 24fps) so you might have to adjust the speed up percentage for your footage. The render times are pretty long, but it works well. (Harper helped a little.)




(Photo credit: snap from the video)



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