Thinking outside the box – tallscreen with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Welcome to the new world – a world where video is no longer constrained to being horizontal – it is now also vertical. Giorgio Constantine has started a new group over on Vimeo dedicated to videos made with HDSLRs that are in the vertical orientation called “tallscreen“. And why not? The web certainly has no restrictions about presentation; there isn't a physical screen that would force conformity. There are all sorts of tall content on the web (ok, mainly ads that fit in sidebars), so why not be able to create video that is also “tall”?

Redrock Micro

We actually saw the first vertical video that I can recall last spring, when we presented a horizontal video that had many vertical video elements. But again, that was in the traditional wide/horizontal format with vertical elements mixed in with a fusion style no less – still cool, but different from a “tallscreen”.

Now this new video is entirely different – the entire thing is conceived, shot, and presented vertically. “Welcome to the advent of a new wave of videography. This is a group for videos that are shot and demonstrated vertically.
{Basically it's Eye Candy for your blogs}”


Giorgio Constantine has also posted a nice little tutorial on how to make your own tallscreen video.

So, blow your mind and view the first “tallscreen” vertical video

• One Min || Essence. from Giorgio Constantine on Vimeo.

First Tallscreen HD video.
Shot based on the rules of the 1 Minute Project
and Pictures Don't Move

Took me 1 hour to convert and to create this 1 minute piece.
Spread the word around and create your own Tallscreen videos.
Be sure to join the Tallscreen group at:

Thanks Giorgio for exposing us to this whole new world!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


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