The Great HDSLR Meetup! Venice Beach – March 7

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If you're a follower of either @phillipBloom or I on twitter, you saw over the weekend a great effort to get me to fly out to California to meet Philip Bloom and his merry band of followers at what he's hoping will be the world's largest HDSLR meetup ever. I challenged everyone to put up at least 30 new reviews over on planet5D Review – and we well exceeded that mark – so I'm going!

Redrock Micro

I don't have my airline tickets purchased yet, but I am planning on going and I hope that if you're in that area, you'll meet us too! The meetup is planned for noon on Sunday March 7th in Venice Beach at a place called the Sidewalk Cafe.

You'll recognize me because I'll be wearing the planet5D t-shirt!

So please come on by – and please let me know via the contact page or via twitter that you're coming – oh and please RE-TWEET this to all of your friends so they can be aware and come if their available!

I can't wait to meet Philip and all of you!

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(Photo credit: snap from the video on his page about the meetup)



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