The CamCaddie unboxing – an HDSLR rig

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At the HDSLR meetup in Venice Beach, I met Daniel McElderry from CamCaddie who had a batch of his new low cost rigs to show off. While I was in the hotel after the meetup, I had a brilliant idea (modest aren't I? LOL)… why not do an unboxing video of the copy that I had? So, here you go!

Redrock Micro

The CamCaddie unboxing video from planetMitch on Vimeo.


These photos are from the Venice Beach meetup and are borrowed from the CamCaddie Facebook page:

Rodney Charters DP of "24" holding a CamCaddie

Philp Bloom playing with his CamCaddie

Now, something I didn't show, but does come with the CamCaddie is an accessory rack you can mount to the top to hold flashes, mics, etc.

(Photo credit: snap from Daniel's Facebook page)



  1. What’s shit about this? steadycam rig?maybe should be called “shaking rig” shaking all the time. There is no any steady moment.

  2. I’ve got my own cam caddie and I agree it is no steady cam set up but it sure does reduce shakiness in comparison to going hand-held. The price is right if you don’t have the major financial investment for an enormously bulky Steadicam. It’s a lot more discreet than too.

    It’s more of a stabilizer than a full bore Steadicam; but for under $60 it’s a pretty sweet deal.

  3. Are you kidding me? This product is terrible! I would not even pay $1.00 for that piece of crap! terrible reviewer too!

  4. It’s a Top Handle Grip Zacuto and Jag35 rigs are adding Top Handle Grips. Dslr’s don’t have handles on top like traditional video cameras so i see why this is useful.
    Im not sure how practical it is to mount a light on top I think mounting a light on the cam caddie is a second thought and not really practical to the design.

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