High School photographer uses Canon EOS 5D Mark II for sports

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Last night, using the new ‘chat with us' feature on the planet5D sites (you'll find it in the lower right hand corner of the page), I had a really fun chat with a planet5D reader who's doing some good stuff with his Canon EOS 5D Mark II. And after a while of chatting, I found out Josh Linsey (@joshuael on Twitter) is only a sophomore in high school!

Redrock Micro

We talked about how he is doing sports photography with Nikon and is moving to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and is working for a local sports magazine. I really enjoyed his slideshow and discussion of a recent basketball tournament he shot. I urge you to watch the slideshow to see the kind of really professional images he's shooting.

“I tried something new, that I would never even think about doing at a regular high school basketball game. Through out the tournament I would jump from my corner spot on the court, to stand up next to the right side of the goal, holding my 5D Mark II with the 16-35 Lens over my head looking down from the top of the goal and just firing away hoping I get something great from it. You can see what came from this by checking out photo #52 in the slideshow above. I’m sure anyone paying attention to what I was doing was wondering why I was jumping up and down next to that goal.”

And he's moving into video as well.. a nice spot he's done for the magazine:

Here, Josh put together a fusion of stills and video for his church showing a recent volunteer event.

This high schooler is doing a lot! Thanks for popping into the chat Josh – it was a pleasure to meet you!

(Photo credit: snap from Josh's slide show)



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