We’ve known it was coming, but now it is finally here! The firmware that gives the Canon EOS 5D Mark II 24fps has arrived and we’ve got full coverage for you!

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I’m sure you want to get right into it… so here’s the download link!

And if you’ve never done the firmware update before, here’s a movie showing you how to do it from start to finish…

planet5D Consumer HDSLR Reviews

New features:

Besides 24fps, what does the firmware give us? I’ll give you the short version and the long version is over on Canon’s site.

  • 24fps in video
  • Sound Recording (Audio Gain Control)
  • Tv manual movie recording (auto everything else)
  • Av manual movie recording (auto everything else)
  • Histogram in live view (before recording only – but also works for stills)
  • Sound sampling frequency changed to 48 KHz

Interestingly, Philip Bloom says there’s a hidden change as well – “Other good news is we have increase in recording bit rate to around 44 mbits now, up from around 38 mbits.” — so the video now spits out of the camera at a faster rate — that may cause problems with really slow CF cards tho?


Here at planet5D, we want to give you everything you need, so here’s a visual walkthru of the new features:

planet5D Cinema


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