Sensor cleaning!

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@radraven sent us this tip – an article he wrote on his blog about cleaning your sensor. I thought it was a good read and a good reminder about how this technology is fun, but still a pain. Sensor cleaning; The plague of the century! And I agree. I've been surprised at the number of videos that have come to me with sensor spots. Makes it kinda hard to recommend the video to you if you see splotches on it.

Redrock Micro

“It’s been a while I’ve been silent… Yes, I’ve been busy trying to finish my never ending film, but the excitement of the first 5D videos and the expectations of what would be new in cameras like the 7D and 1D has come to an end… so I’ve been a lot less inspired to write… not to mention the never ending, boring delay of the Scarlet…

I’ve had my 5D for a while now and although I haven’t used it as much as I’d like, the truth is that I have used it in situations I couldn’t have anticipated. Like to shoot some action packed scenes for my movie…

I only made up my mind to buy the 5D after the announcement of the specs and features of the 7D. Mainly because of the lack of a full frame sensor, which is a deal breaker for me when it comes to taking stills.

The 5D MKII has matched most of my expectations in the photography world! But has exceeded so many more when it comes to motion picture. I’m still gathering material to make and in-depth review on using the 5D MKII for motion picture, in the real world, meaning people like us, with limited budgets, small productions but the soul and ambition to make the very best out of what you got.”

So, the article has some good info and isn't the only article on sensor cleaning, but it is worth the time as a reminder.

(Photo credit: snap courtesy RadRaven's article – please do not steal)



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