Rumor: Canon prototype full frame DSLR shooting RAW video

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UPDATE (8/19/2010) – I received some additional information from our source. The prototype apparently is very early in development because the chip itself is in a box. This may indicate that it is a prototype for a video camera and not an HDSLR.

(Original post from 2/15/2010) This morning, a source has indicated that Canon has a full frame HDSLR that shoots RAW video currently being tested in Europe. Tho the source is new to me, I believe he is reliable. The info is also third hand, but gee, this sure would make a lot of sense for Canon to be developing such a camera.

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Tho there isn't a whole lot of detail in the rumor, but supposedly, “very select few high end DoPs” in Europe are currently testing a prototype HDSLR that shoots RAW video. Rumor has it that it is full frame! So it could potentially be the next Canon EOS 5D Mark II (that's my theory – not from the source). This would be serious competition to RED.

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As we get more information, we'll be sure to pass it along!

(Photo credit: snap from Canon's site of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II but I blurred it)



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    1. Author

      (copied from the post I made at Syl’s blog)


      I too did a little investigating last night on this issue.

      @Mark has already pointed out the Red writes to CF cards, tho I didn’t find out exactly how much time they get per card. I’ll go with your estimate for now.

      Yes the Red sensor is smaller than the 5D2, but I think we’re not worried really about size here… the 5D2 sensor can record a still image up to 5600×3700 (roughly)… and a 1080 HD image is only 1920 x 1080 – so the canon is NOT currently writing out and compressing the entire image size… it is throwing away a bunch of data to get the frame size down to 1080.

      According to wikipedia, the red one is writing out “2k” images at the smallest resolution that are: 2K 16:9 (2048×1152) — which is just slightly larger than the HDTV resolution of 1920×1080… so the small resolution on the Red is almost the same as the current 5D2 and it can write TVHD sized video at 12 min / 4gb (aprox).

      And the highest resolution on the Red One is 4K 16:9 (4096×2304) – which is still smaller than the full size of the Canon 5D2 – but we all know that the canon isn’t currently writing out video in that size. And Canon is compressing with H.264

      So, the question really is how much more data is there in RAW video as compared to H.264 that Canon is currently writing out isn’t it?

      1. A source told us more than 6 months ago, that Canon was interested to implement RAW video recording on the 5D Mark II via an additional external device (it would be probably connected through the CF card slot), and not writing to a CF card directly.

        That makes lot of sense indeed, because you could have lot more capacity than using traditional CF cards.

        This was reported long ago.

        Maybe Canon is going to implement this for the upcoming 1Ds Mark IV, although we strongly guess the 5D Mark II will get something similar (if not the same option), keeping the two Full Frame DSLRs with such ability (and maybe extending that to the 1D Mark IV too)

        Of course, the 1Ds Mark IV could even include more features thanks to its more powerful hardware.

  3. The NEW FIRMWARE for 5D Mark II allows to record less compressed video (not sure if RAW, although that was Canon’s intention when developing and testing it in H2 of 2009).

    In fact We do not think there is a “5D Mark III” at all yet.
    That would kill Canon’s loyalty of thousands of professionals and serious amateurs, who are the ones who also buy their expensive full frame lenses.

    The firmware for 5D Mark II is being delayed intentionally by Canon.

    Canon: BETTER the firmware has VERY good improvements to make it worth such wait. Your customers are getting really upset… (first with 7D and more recently with 550D that makes them feel like you are playing with them)

    Just check the huge potential of the 5D2:


    1. Exactly.

      The new FF DSLR is a 1Ds Mark IV

      The 5D Mark 3 is still far away.

      Canon is not so silly to make such kind of mistake (replacing the 5D2 so soon) after what they have done (good and bad moves)

      Aside that, a whole Community is requesting and waiting for the 5D Mark 2 firmware update, NOT for a new 5D3, because the 5D Mark 2 is not a toy and CAN be improved a lot.

      Just take a look of what many customers say (and leave your own comments if you want, politely but clearly):

      We have many reliable confirmations that the Firmware Update for the 5D2 is ready since months ago, and also includes MORE than standard 24/25/30fps modes…

      LET’S HOPE Canon don’t change their mind… and give the BEST to Professionals and customers in general who invested thousands of dollars in Canon gear.

      This, indeed, will impact in how customers see Canon’s treatment to them, especially considering the high price of this DSLR segment and the amount of total investment.

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  6. 5D Team said : “The NEW FIRMWARE for 5D Mark II allows to record less compressed video (not sure if RAW, although that was Canon’s intention when developing and testing it in H2 of 2009).”

    Hi 5D Team, where did you get this information from ? Was it from Canon ?

  7. Team, I totally appreciate your effort in keeping the pressure on Canon for the 5D2 firmware. I was fully convinced last SPRING that we’d get 24p in time, but ZOINKS, I didn’t think it’d take THIS long! If it was still a design issue then we could understand, but to have TWO cameras with variable frame rate emerge (that T2i has a single DIGIC 4, it CAN be done!) is really what frustrates. I’ve had my 5D2 for 13 months and it’s been a dream machine, no question… how nice it’d be to put in the last screw and FINISH it.

    I emailed Canon the other day, and got back the standard formal response:

    “We apologize that the newest Digital Rebel has been released with variable frame rates and that your EOS 5D Mark II has not. While there are no announced updates to this camera at this time, we very much appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us regarding
    this camera.”

    They could have at least said it’s being worked on!

    Waiting in the wings,

    1. Hi Paulie,

      Thanks for your kind words. In fact this has been a LONG road… which started 1 year ago, firstly for the most basic feature: Full Manual Control. Later requesting to fix the most obvious limitations. And this was made (and still is) using lot of ways (very much time consuming indeed) to encourage customers to encourage Canon.

      We knew the huge potential of the 5D2, and now is evident without any doubt.

      A small group could do nothing if there wasn’t a huge amount of customers backing up. So the credit will go to all those who supported and showed their huge interest, requesting to Canon what CAN be made.

      BTW, the response you got is not accurate because there is an official announcement since October 20, 2009 (links posted on our blog on that date, and here at Planet5D too)

      The guy/gal that sent you that message is completely out of this topic… (unfortunately it happens many times when emailing to “standard” email addresses).

      Don’t desperate, “hold your breath” a bit more 🙂
      We’re closer..


  8. I really do hope it is not a 5D mrk3. It will feel like they’re abandoning us mrk2 users. Tech moves fast these days, but to spend a small fortune on a camera and have it’s replacement possibly come out so soon is not good for customer morale.

    I suppose the point is not that you should be upset because you don’t have an uptodate model but more that Canon is abandoning progress on this camera so you feel you’ll never have it at its full potential.

    Maybe I should’ve got that Nikon D700?

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  10. I really hope it’s a 5D MK 3 with emphasis on focusing plus 1080 video at 30fps.
    At a lower price too, nothing to demanding !!!!!!!!!!


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  15. This guy is having you all on! its April 1st so please don’t follow it through. More than likely PB is laughing his head off in some hotel someplace that somebody has paid for because he’s holding a filming weekend boosting his eeego.

    If I’m wrong I will apologize profusely. If I’m right he’s done more damage to his ego than what its worth.

  16. I know a DOP who, last time I spoke to him ( a few months ago), told me that was due to get his hands on this prototype. He said it was to be an early prototype for the 5D mk3, Who knows maybe this will blow the DSLR video market out of the water

  17. How would it even be possible with the 5d’s single Digic 4 processor? Does it not make sense that the processor is the bottlekneck? I see raw video in the 7d way before the 5d. Personally i don’t even know if the 7d’s two processors could handle it. Here’s for hoping though!

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