Rumor: Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware due March?

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cinema5d has posted that they are hearing the Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware is due mid march.

Redrock Micro

“Rumors have been flying around this year’s Createasphere Expo, that the Canon 5D Mark II 24P Firmware Update will drop sometime in the middle of March, 2010. No mention of 50/60 fps in this one, but there should be some more info during the workshops today. I will be there, trying to pry the info out of Canon.”

Read the blog.

(Photo credit: image from earlier story on the firmware)



  1. According to a report from Earls Court London Video Show, the firmware will be released in less than 2 weeks.

    We certainly see a clear connection with the upcoming 1Ds Mark IV (marketing strategy).

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  3. I recently acquired the 5d MK2 and have been trying out its video capabilities on my nature photography projects. Here are two improvements that would benefit anyone who does nature and event photography in either stills or video:

    1. a combination remote switch that would turn on LIVE VIEW and trigger the SET button for video.

    2. PICTURE CACHE (or frame store if you prefer) – now that we have LIVE VIEW there is no reason to deny us this extremely useful feature. We should be able to continuously store one or two seconds prior to triggering the shutter or starting video record.

    If anyone else has been thinking along these lines please contact Canon and see if we can get a ground swell going here….
    THANX….. chas.

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