planet5D announces “planet5D Review” and gives away an Apple iPad

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February 17th, 2010 – St. Louis Missouri – planet5D announces “planet5D Review” – a fantastic new section added to the “best Canon hybrid site on the planet”. planet5D Review is the first consumer review site dedicated to the Canon HDSLR camera and accessory market.

planet5D Consumer HDSLR Reviews

“ is already packed with the best information for the Canon hybrids and it is exciting to add additional features that will continue the success of planet5D – the best one stop site for HDSLR information on the planet” said planetMitch (CEO, creative genius, and all around modest guy for planet5D). “And with the advent of the Canon Rebel T2i/550D, the buyers aren't required to spend the big bucks to make movies any more and will benefit from reading the views of other consumers” planetMitch added.

Redrock Micro

planetMitch also said: “This is an another exciting day and we’re thrilled to be adding consumer HDSLR reviews to planet5D. And, we're giving away an Apple iPad to one friend of planet5D who supplies a review to help launch the site.”

“We want people to be as excited as we are and what better way than to give a friend an iPad?”

The focus will be on gaining quality consumer reviews of Canon Hybrid DSLRs and accessories. The reviewers are encouraged to write reviews for products they own or have used. Each product review will be approved by a planet5D staff member and tho we can't guarantee the accuracy of every review, we will at least ensure that there's more there than just fluff. To be eligible, the reviewers are also asked to join the planet5D daily blog email list. For additional information, please read the “rules” page.

Friends of planet5D will also be able to increase their odds of getting the gifted iPad by writing as many reviews as they would like (again for products owned or used).

We're not requiring that you tweet this post as part of the giveaway, but it sure would be nice if you'd tell every photographer you know about this exciting new feature of planet5D please. It is simple to retweet a post here on the blog or over on planet5D Review, simply click on the ‘retweet' link in the upper left corner of every post (right under the yellow “tweets” badge).

There will be sections on the review site for

and much more. There are quite a few products in the site on launch, but we've also got a long list of things we've still got to add. If you have a product you'd like to have included (that is appropriate to HDSLRs), please use the contact page to let us know!

planet5D Consumer HDSLR Reviews

The iPad will be the base model ($499 version) and we'll be awarding it on April 15th – giving you nearly 2 months to get your review entered on the planet5D Review site. And yes, folks outside the USA are eligible as long as their country is eligible to have such a high tech product and we wouldn't get in trouble for exporting a super powerful missile launcher.

About planet5D:

planet5D was formed in November 2008 not long after the Canon EOS 5D Mark II was announced. It quickly became the number 1 location on the web for news, video, alerts, and a wiki for the 5D2. In 2009, planet5D had over 1,450,000 page views and 700,000 visits. Alexa ranks in the top 100,000 worldwide and in the top 28,000 in the USA. has continued to grow adding a blog and forums and now the Consumer Reviews site.

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