Override the video limitations on the Canon 5D mk2 for better video shooting

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@syl_arena tweeted this article this morning and I think it is worth a look —
Override the video limitations on the Canon 5D mk2 for better video shooting

Redrock Micro

A couple of excerpts to get you excited enough to go read the whole thing

“If you're like me and have used the Canon 5D mk 2 for video, you will have noticed a few things. The first thing is the outstanding quality of the video. You are able to shoot at full-frame 1080p. (1920 x 1080 – non interlaced). This is the holy grail of HD video. The fact that you can use the DSLR lenses ads a film-like quality to your video. With the nice shallow depth of field you are now able to capture something that resembles a cinema camera, or at least a high-end video camera worth $100,000 or so.

You will also have noticed some drawbacks. The audio sucks really bad because of Canon's AGC Auto Gain Control in the audio. The footage is H.264 so it does show some minor artifacting and the lack of decent focusing controls. I have found a great workarounds by using the free Magic Lantern firmware hack. Let's examine how it works and a plain english installation walk through.”

Training guide

Now run along – you know you want to read it!

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