Canon EOS 5D Mark II Stereo 3D film of the Zip Line at Robson Square (Olympics)

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Bruce Sharpe (creator of Pluraleyes (reviews)) posted this little short Canon EOS 5D Mark II Stereo 3D movie this morning. It is pretty short but interesting. “Made with two Canon 5D Mark II cameras on a home-made stereo rig. Synchronized with PluralEyes and aligned and output with Stereo3D Toolbox.” (youtube video description).

Redrock Micro

On youtube, you've got the option of viewing it in a variety of different 3D formats (which I didn't know they supported but it is darn cool!).

This way is a stereo side by side version – you need to cross your eyes to get the effect (see this page for some help with that). When I was a kid, I was fascinated by this and would find duplicate images and practice so it is now easy for me to do.

If you go to this youtube page and have the red/blue stereo glasses, you can view it.

While it isn't the best 3D video I've ever seen (in fact, it isn't all that exciting in itself), I've always been intrigued by the effect and was excited to see it being done with the 5D2. And it appears pretty easy to do (tho with 2 5D2s it isn't cheap!) with pluraleyes to sync them. Now, how long till the porn industry picks this up?

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


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