Apple releases new version of Aperture 3.0

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Well, for those of us using Aperture, the big day has finally come – version 3.0 is released! “What's new in Aperture 3 – Faces and Places. Brushes for precision retouching. Dozens of adjustment presets. True full-screen browsing and editing. And that’s just part of the perfect picture.”

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They are boasting over 200 new features including:

  • Video! Yes, you can import, catalog, export and even combine with stills to make movies and export them to places like youtube (see this video)
  • Faces – identify people like you can in iPhoto
  • Places – yep GPS support – and maps showing where photos were taken (watch this video)
  • Merge libraries – make updates to projects on different machines and merge the changes into a master library (shown in the workflow video)
  • New brushes for spot editing
  • Adjustment presets
  • Advanced slide shows includes layered soundtracks
  • Record custom timings in slideshows – just tap the return key and aperture adjusts
  • Full screen just about everything
  • Adjustment Curves! (Shown in the Jarvis video)

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There are a ton of changes that I haven't even begun to figure out yet tho there are a wealth of ‘how to' videos they've put online as well. We'll be updating this as we learn more. I just requested the demo version for download. I'm surprised that the Apple store only sells it as a package with shipment – no electronic download (tho I'm guessing they do this so they can track shipments to “know” you got the product).

Oh – full price is $199 and the upgrade is $99.

Notice the system requirements – you'd better have an intel mac and newer software.

Mac OS X v10.5.8 or v10.6.2 or later
One of the following Intel-based Mac computers:
Mac Pro
MacBook Pro
MacBook Air
Mac mini

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  1. Tried it this evening – no good. Still like Lightroom or Raw Developer color much better. The process of using lightroom generally takes longer. One pro – interface is great. If Lightroom or Raw Developer were to get Aperture’s inerface…

  2. I FINALLY have Aperture 3 running. Great, great, great update with but two issues. First the minor one: Where the heck is the obviously needed lens barrel distortion filter? I love the ability to switch Libraries on the fly. Cool. All in all, very satisfying, AFTER GETTING THE OLD FILE updated.

    Now the serious problem of upgrading from previous versions. Hard, bad experience brings the following tips:

    1-BACK up your Aperture 2 libraries first. You may need them.
    2- Turn off screensaver. It can take a while and use a LOT of processor. You DO NOT need this complication, believe me.
    3- DO NOT LEAVE THE CHECK BOX CHECKED for reprocessing images. NOT NECESSARY and makes the process last hours, as many as 24 depending on number of images in your library. 10 times the time without it. Plus, even without it you will have all of the new tools, plus, at the top of the Adjustments column, a big bad BUTTON for Reprocessing the individual file, almost instantly, Cool. Steve Jobs should be absolutely pissed about this. Pros with large libraries, who don’t test it out on a smaller file, will suffer greatly and needlessly.
    4- After installation, turn off horrible faces or face more interminable hours of not being able to use the app while it processes faces.
    5- DO NOT mess with the size of the thumbnails in preferences, or face complete reprocessing all over again, a process that can be never-ending.

    Apple does not seem to have built in a way to stop reprocessing once begun. Even after quitting. The fact that during upgrade Reprocessing is on by default is SIMPLY INSANE. Again, turn it off.

    I have four large libraries, all with images stored separately. Three converted well. The fourth, the smallest, is where I made all the wrong choices.

    Apple’s failure to caution and guide Aperture 2 users in reprocessing is going to create a living hell for a lot of people. For no reason.

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