Another helmet rig – this one home made

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We found this one on twitter somewhere last night – it was originally posted on this thread at cinema5d. Looks like it might be hard to walk behind, but the video coming out the front end is darn impressive. My teenage daughter was most intrigued by the probable reaction of this guy's daughters… “Dad, don't make one of those and wear it around me… OK?” she pleaded – HA – sounds like a great idea now! (shhh – don't tell her I mentioned her in the blog ok?)

Redrock Micro

Marrakech.Travel from Julien Widmer on Vimeo.

Shot with 5D mark 2 in Marrakech, Morocco

Music by Nikkfurie / La Caution “thé à la menthe”

This Showreel regroup 34 different films, in “first-person” point of view, for the interactive visit of marrakech on


Montage extrait de 34 films tournés en vue subjective pour la visite interactive de marrakech sur le site

See more images and discussion at cinema5d. If you're wondering, he used a Panasonic FT-1 for the water shots (not the 5D2).

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


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