Another Canon EOS-1D MKIV review

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Michael Willems has posted his review of the new Canon EOS-1D MKIV.

Redrock Micro

“The following is not a thorough technical review.While I am of course thorough in trying all the camera’s functions, I think there is enough material on the web, including Canon USA’s excellent 125-page white paper, to outline all the functionality and changes. Also, this is not an exhaustive image comparison. There’s enough of that already, too.

Instead, this is the real-life impressions of an actual user – and one who has recently owned or used all other recent Canon cameras, as well as Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and Pentax cameras.

There are no bad cameras, but you have to choose. I am a Canon shooter for several reasons. One, I like Canon’s interfaces. I watch people struggle to understand cameras, and Canon does a better job than others at keeping them simple. Nikon’s vertical menu tabs and “longer-than-the-screen” lists of functions, not to mention the “everything turns the wrong way” confuse millions of users worldwide – do these guys only do focus groups with engineers? Not that Canon is perfect (who on earth thought of function names like “AI Servo” for “Continuous Focus”?), but they’re much better than others. Also, the great range of Canon lenses. All good!”

So, zip over to Michael's blog and read (and see the images) the entire review. There are several very good still samples with higher ISOs to see too.

(Photo credit: one of Michael's samples – he retains all copyrights)



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